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Holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Rhode Island School of Design) and a Master of Arts (New York University)


Presently living and working in Switzerland




group exhibitions 2017-2019

MyMicroGallery, Milan

"Unexpected Worlds", Onishi Gallery, New York

"The Collage Show", Camden Image Gallery, London

Artology Gallery & Magazine, Four Seasons Hotel, London

"A New Earth", Alessandro Berni Gallery & Alchimia, Perugia

"ARTWALK" - Malerei und Photographie des 21. Jahrhunderts, Lunis Vermögensmanagement AG, Munich



     "After graduating from art school in the 1990s, I participated in numerous exhibitions in German and Swiss art galleries. My focus shifted to raising my children and supporting the arts when I became a full-time parent. I returned to painting in 2010.


    My paintings evolve slowly and consist of multiple layers of watercolor, acrylic paint, crayon, felt pen and ink. The process of painting makes it impossible to predict an outcome as new layers constantly alter the content and character of the work.


  The recurring theme in my art is organic matter in all its diversity, undergoing gestation and expansion. Distinguishing between the microscopic and macroscopic becomes redundant as the imagery reveals patterns that are inherent in all forms of life.


   The thrill and fulfillment I find in painting lies in discovering the perfect balance between freedom and restraint, order and chaos, serenity and exhilaration, control and sublime abandon. Each time I paint, I attempt to access this zone that can only be described as a state of bliss."

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